acts_as_flying_saucer on Rails 3.1 and Heroku

Just quick post how to use acts_as_flying_saucer with rails 3.1 and Heroku. I was testing acts_as_flying_saucer with rails 3.1.It is working fine so far. but when i have added external style sheet it was hanging on dev mode. and later on i figure out it is external style sheet causing an issue. So i precomplied css and then try to generate pdf it is working. Now it is time to test on heroku. I am using cedar stack and ruby

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Dynamic Report In Ruby On Rails

In my recent work i have face some difficulties for generating different report for different organization or client using same application,because every client have their own reporting format. Like SAAS based application if it is generate some MIS report and if client require some more or less information depending upon his requirement we can give some editable facilities to edit and generate report. So to fulfill this kind of requirement user editable report which contains Markup + ruby code for

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