acts_as_flying_saucer on Rails 3.1 and Heroku

Just quick post how to use acts_as_flying_saucer with rails 3.1 and Heroku. I was testing acts_as_flying_saucer with rails 3.1.It is working fine so far. but when i have added external style sheet it was hanging on dev mode. and later on i figure out it is external style sheet causing an issue. So i precomplied css and then try to generate pdf it is working. Now it is time to test on heroku. I am using cedar stack and ruby

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Custom Pre-Processor In Rails 3.1

Well long break,Let me guess It over 3 month since I wrote my last post. I’ve been kind of ¬†busy lately not manage to dedicate much time to thing that I do. Rails 3.1.0 is been in picture for a quite a while a now and major feature that been included in Rails 3.1.0 is asset pipeline and pre-processor. For those is who aren’t aware of Rails 3.1.0 asset pipeline and pre-processor there is a very good article on rails

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