Postgresql order by field

We have been using  PostgresSQL  in our new product Quiz Stack. Quiz Stack is a SAAS based  product. Which can  conduct,manage,analysis quizzes.We are using rails and postgresql as our backend.It’s subdomain app and hence we decide to use postgresql schema based approach for storing/querying data. While working on one of the feature It was needed to draw some random fixed questions for each user.So each user has different order of questions which  is maintain for each specific user. In Mysql it’s

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Dynamic Report In Ruby On Rails

In my recent work i have face some difficulties for generating different report for different organization or client using same application,because every client have their own reporting format. Like SAAS based application if it is generate some MIS report and if client require some more or less information depending upon his requirement we can give some editable facilities to edit and generate report. So to fulfill this kind of requirement user editable report which contains Markup + ruby code for

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Vertical table in rails

In this article i have just taken a short example describing vertical table,and its implementation using rails. When table has no fixed column it has dynamic fields .data is not stored on separate column but data stores in vertical fashion. For implementing vertical table table has mainly 2 columns key and value pair.key is like database column name and value contains actual data. Lets take an e.g Consider website in which it contains various products and its comparison ,searching and

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