Postgresql order by field

We have been using  PostgresSQL  in our new product Quiz Stack. Quiz Stack is a SAAS based  product. Which can  conduct,manage,analysis quizzes.We are using rails and postgresql as our backend.It’s subdomain app and hence we decide to use postgresql schema based approach for storing/querying data. While working on one of the feature It was needed to draw some random fixed questions for each user.So each user has different order of questions which  is maintain for each specific user. In Mysql it’s

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Multiple database in rails

In normal rails application contain one database,but if we want rails application having more than one database that is multiple data base.   we can achieve this using multiple of the way is i am showing’s just 3 steps. Lets take an e.g Project has many milestone and milestone has many task In normal scenario model looks like following way class Project < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :milestones end   class Milestone < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :tasks belongs_to :project end  

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