Amazon Simple Queing Service (SQS) + Ruby

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a distributed queue messaging service. The idea of SQS is to remove the direct associations between producer and consumer and act as mediator between them. e.g Consider that you have a large  application like websites monitoring which involve many stages like Downloading a website Processing the downloaded website Generating report of the above processing So instead of clubbing the above three one can just split them on their specific need(based on the work

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Running Javascript under Celerity[HTMLUNIT]

Lately there have been too many people wanting to know how to execute Javascript in Celerity. Let me show you how it done. First a quick note on JRuby installation. Here are few useful links to install JRuby under 1. Linux(ubuntu) should work for other linux packages as well. 2. Windows. Just to confirm,kindly type jruby -v on terminal or cmd depending on OS you are using and you should get the version of jruby you are running. Mine output

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