Passing arrays using Net-http in Ruby

Hi all, We needed to use net/http of ruby for sending parameters between two modules. We decided to use the get and the post request of http as follows: url = URI.parse(“http://SERVER:PORT”) http =, url.port) request =“/method_name?parameter=a”) response = http.request(request) In the above get request the parameter “a” is taken to the “http://SERVER:PORT/method_name” and data related to it is queried. url = URI.parse(“http://SERVER:PORT”) http =, url.port) request =“/method_name”) request.set_form_data({“parameter1” => “a”, “parameter2” => “b”, “parameter3” =>

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Conditional GET

I have to admit this . I always fall in love with RAILS each day as I explore it to know how a complex problem can be handle with great ease and with minimum amount of code. That what made me write this post on " Conditional Get Request." For those who aren’t aware of it let me give them some insight in it. Conditional GETs are a feature of the HTTP specification that provide a way for web servers to tell

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