Dynamically updating selectlist using Jquery and Ajax

In many web site we have seen that on selecting country, state or city list is updated. In this article i am showing how to update children select list on changing parent list. To do this i am using jquery and ruby on rails.although it will works for almost all languages For this article, I am updating city list on changing states. So one state has many cities,and city belongs to state. and city_list.xxx gives following html on processing state

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Construct a link to use GET variables to instruct the script to execute a certain function

Here it is how we can do that magic, if( isset($_GET[‘function’]) ) { switch( $_GET[‘function’] ) { case ‘dosomething’: dosomething(); break; case ‘dosomethingelse’: dosomethingelse(); break; } } And then link to script.php?function=dosomething url rewriting Benifit : When a search engine visits the dynamic url like product.php?id=test it does not give much importance to that URL as search engine sees “?” sign treat it as a url which keeps on changing. so we’re converting the dynamic URL like the product.php?id=test to

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