Dec 27

Hey all,
In Previous article i have given short bio of ruby daemon using daemon kit.
In this post i am writing about how to manage daemon,how to start/stop a daemon from any directory.

We can start a daemon using following way.
Go to the directory and give the command.



./bin/mydaemon start

(You know the difference right; To run it in foreground or background respectively.)

But consider this possibility, what if you didn’t want to go to the directory where the daemon is located and start it.



/home/mysystem/mydaemon/bin/mydaemon start

Now you might be thinking why you will want to do that, let me say such conditions does arise (when you want monit to watch over it and restart it when it goes down.)

Usually this would work with ease if you are not using a bundler, however if you are using it then this would be something that you would get to see.

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