Aug 30

Well long break,Let me guess It over 3 month since I wrote my last post. I’ve been kind of  busy lately not manage to dedicate much time to thing that I do.

Rails 3.1.0 is been in picture for a quite a while a now and major feature that been included in Rails 3.1.0 is asset pipeline and pre-processor.

For those is who aren’t aware of Rails 3.1.0 asset pipeline and pre-processor there is a very good article on rails guide and recently Ryan Bates introduce a screencast on Rails 3.1.0 asset pipeline.

I’m not here to talk about asset pipeline you can get it all if you just googled it.

So what I’m here upto then ? :)

Well ever since I was made aware of what asset pipeline  and pre-processor more importantly pre-processor ,it always trilled me of using a custom pre-processor .

As you all know that Rails 3.1.0.rc1 is bundle with coffee-script and sass support. In your asset folder you may find js and css file that look something like this “*” , “*.css.scss“. Now you can add a chain of pre-processor that just look like this “*” , “*.css.scss.erb

The post is all about chaining your own pre-processor just as above something like “*

Mustache (Mustache is taken just for example here you can use your own) because I been in love with it ever since I explored it . So how to accomplish this .

Stay with me as I will show how ?

Firstly you need to be aware of Sprockets and Tilt library

First the code

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preload preload preload